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26 January Republic Day 2019 Anchoring Script (Speech) PDF In Hindi English For School Programs

26 January Republic Day 2019 Anchoring Script (Speech) In Hindi : Best Republic Day Anchoring Script PDF In English Marathi Telugu and 26 January Anchoring Script For School Programs. Guys are you want best Anchoring Script For Republic Day Celebration school programs. India become an independent in 1947. Since that country became republic in 1950. Well Indian republic November 1949 but the final result was announce 26-1-1949.

India’s three days are celebrate as national festival such as 26th January, 15th August & 2 October. National holiday is conduct on every national festival such that on republic day, independence day and Gandhi Jayanti. As we know that republic day is a holiday festival but for the celebration of republic day government & private schools, colleges, state state assemblies and other instance are open for few hours.

School and college going students celebrate this day in their educational environment(school). Primary and upper primary age group students enjoy republic day very much. Primary, high and high secondary class teachers guide school students for the function of republic day, they give a various task for the day celebration like speech on 26th Jan, patriotic songs for dancing and singing, poems related to nature, great leaders( Gandi ji, Subhash Chandra boss, Sastri Ji, Laxmi Bai etc), Patriotic slogans for republic day morning rally, anchoring script writing for republic day and many more other task.

School going kinds prepare dance and poem, young students who good in speech they prepare for speech, and those students good in anchoring who prepare anchoring for 26th January republic day.If you are searching best 26 January Anchoring Script for your school function, then here we upload the images of script.

This will help you to prepare for the Republic Day Anchoring Script In English at any place. Once you download these all images. Then you can read and learn your 26 Jan Anchoring Speech for better anchoring. Below we mention some steps for making your speech good.

26 January Anchoring Script In Hindi For School Programs :

Get 26 January Anchoring Script For your republic day programs. Anchoring script format and inbuilt script 2019 is available in Hindi, English, Gujarati, Marathi, Tamil for upcoming republic day celebration. Those students want to participate in republic day function as anchor and search for republic day anchoring script look on below given anchoring script.

Here given anchoring script will be written in various languages and holds many magical points related to republic day. The good anchoring script always write in professional way because its a national occasion which celebrate with seniors, juniors and other respected people.

Accessible republic day easy, simple, emotional, anchoring script is mentioned here for the 26th Jan show hosting. Guys if you are preparing for your school programs on this 70th Republic day.

Many students participates in 26 January Anchoring Script programs and then after this they start preparing a best anchoring Lines. So here is the best collection of speech script for your 26 January Republic Day 2019 Programs.

Republic day such a biggest moment for to all Indians, if we live in republic country then its possible only for those leaders who liberated the country by putting a stake in his life. Now you are independence and also have their own constitution.

Enjoy this freedom life and give tribute and a big salute to all martyrs of the country and great leaders. Share this Republic Day Hindi Anchoring Script with your partner and suggest them these lines.

  1. First click on all the images, one by one.
  2. Then click on the download option.
  3. After save these all images, exit from the website.
  4. Then open your images in your mobile or desktop gallery.
  5. Then read and start preparation for the 26 Jan programs.

Happy Republic Day Anchoring Script In Hindi English :

I know you all are looking for Republic Day Anchoring Script In Hindi and also this Republic Day Anchoring Script In English. If i am right, then this article is for you all guys. India republic day is celebrate annually 26th of Jan. Year 26th day is celebrate as republic day. On this day constitution was introduced in the country, country new ear was arrived as the republic of India. India’s constitution was scratched in 1947, in 1950 it was declared republic.

This national festival is celebrate in every corner of India with great enthusiasm. All government offices, factories etc. remains close on this lucky day, Government buildings are decorate by electric lights and flowers.

Republic day main function is held in New Delhi and celebrate with huge hilarity, Parade is to be conduct on this great occasion. On this day India gate fills with the crowd of people, a thousand of young, old people are cover ground. A sitting management for general public is also organized in a republic day show.

26 January Republic Day 2019 Anchoring Script (Speech) In English For Students :

I hope this 26 January Anchoring Speech will helpful you all and you will motivate your classmates, teachers. For any other important stuff related to the Republic Day you can check this website.
If you want to share this Republic Day Anchoring Scrip In Hindi English and Marathi , Tamil with your friends. Then you can share this article on social networking sites. I Wish you all guys a very Happy Republic Day 2019. Jai Hind, Jai Bharat.

[#Slogans] Slogans On Republic Day In Hindi – 26 January 2019 Patriotic Slogans, Naare In English

2019 Slogan On Republic Day In Hindi: Are you looking for 26 January Short Patriotic Slogans (Naare, Nare) In English Marathi Tamil Kannada For celebrating 70th Republic Day of India. Then here you will get Republic Day Slogans For your programs. Quotes are the way to get wonderful knowledge about the a very big events. Peoples want to know about everything and now this is the time to celebrate Indian Republic Day.

India is a great country, land where many freedom fighters, great personalities and great leaders sacrifice their life for their country secure future. We are here , because our country great leaders and freedom fighters sacrifice their life to free our country from British Empire.

India is a great country where many great leaders live and when India need those real heroes they come and save our country peoples. One of them our country real life heroes are our Indian Armed Force. This is the best site where you will get 26 january slogans in hindi.

Indian Army, Indian Navy and Indian Air Force are our country real life heroes, they protect our country borders and save our country from our enemies. Other security force also provide their high security for the country. I thank to all my country soldier from any departments for their hard work and dedication for our country. Get Republic Day Slogans From the below para.

Check Here:- Republic Day Speech, Republic Day Speech In Hindi and Republic Day Images HD

[#Slogans] Slogans On Republic Day In Hindi – 26 January 2019 Patriotic Slogans, Naare In English :

We are living our peaceful life because of our country soldiers. Now Comes on the main topic that is Republic Day Slogans In Hindi and Many other Languages. On the occasion of Republic day and any other national holiday of India, Indian peoples want Patriotic Slogans for this day to celebrate the day with wonderful and freedom way.

Now here we collected some wonderful collection of Patriotic Slogans On republic Day In Hindi Langauge. These all Slogans Lines are given by our freedom fighters and great personalities. We all country peoples remember our great leaders on this day and pay tribute them for their sacrifice to our country and country peoples.

All country peoples can get here 26 January Short Slogans for celebrate this day in a patriotic way. Use these all Republic Day Patriotic Patriotic Slogans Lines In Hindi to celebrate 70th Indian Republic Day.

Republic Day Images HD

Slogans On Republic Day In Hindi | 26 January Patriotic Slogans :

In this article we are going to share best collection of Republic Day Slogans In Hindi English Language. Every year we celebrate many cultural and traditional festival with our family, relatives and friends. But this is the time to celebrate the national festival with our country peoples.
India is a country where different-different culture or religion peoples lives and they celebrate their own cultural festival. But 3 national holiday are the festival or occasion, when all religion peoples celebrate this day with big patriotism and celebration.
This is a special day for all Indian peoples, because on this day we all got our own constitution. On 26 January 1950 India Constitution was came into existence. For the celebration of constitution we celebrate this day with a great way. Now you can make a wonderful Status on your Facebook and whatsapp accounts on this day using Republic Day Slogans In Hindi. If you like these all 26 January Slogans Lines, then also suggest to your social friends to this article.
  • गणतंत्र दिन चिरायु हो.
  • अपनी जमीन अपना वतन, आवाज दो हम एक है.
  • कश्मीर से कन्याकुमारी, भारत माता एक हमारी.
  • कसम गणतंत्र दिवस पर ये खायेगे, हम सभी एकजुटता से मिलकर रहेंगे.
  • गांधीजी का सपना सत्य बना, तभी तो देश गणतंत्र बना.
  • याद रखेंगे वीरो तुमको हरदम, यह बलिदान तुम्हारा है, हमको तो है जान से प्यारा यह गणतंत्र हमारा है.
  • इस दिन के लिए वीरो ने अपना खून बहाया है, झूम उठो देशवासियों गणतंत्र दिवस फिर आया है,
  • देश भक्तों के बलिदान से, स्वातंत्र्य हुए है हम. कोई पूछे कोन हो, तो गर्व से कहेंगे इंडियन है हम….
  • ना जियो धर्म के नाम पर, ना मरो धर्म के नाम पर, इंसानियत ही हे धर्म वतन का बस जियों वतन के नाम पर.
  • सबके अधिकारों का रक्षक अपना ये गणतंत्र पर्व है, लोकतंत्र ही मंत्र हमारा हम सबको इस पर्व पर गर्व है.

26 January Republic Day 2019 Patriotic Slogans In Hindi English:

National festival are the holiday in all over the India but still Government offices, schools remain opens and they all celebrate this day with flag hosting and singing national anthem songs. Schools kids and students live exited for our national festival.
On this day students buy our national flag from the shops and also make tattoos on their hands, face for show their love to our country. We all love our country India and we show our love for our country on this day. So now if you want 26 January Patriotic Slogans In English and Republic Day Slogans In Marathi for making your day memorable. Then you can use these all given lines.
From this site you can get many wonderful stuff like speech, images, quotes, thoughts, poems, anchoring script, essay and songs for celebrate our 70th Republic Day 2019
  • We feel proud to live in democratic country, however; do we know the real mean of democracy.
  • We have been free of ruling body, however; still getting ruled by corruption and terrorism.
  • In true sense, freedom is being free of diseases, greediness and filthy mind.
  • Real state of freedom is one with the controlled five sense organs.
  • Let us see a dream at this republic day; One Nation, One Vision, and One Identity.
  • Being Indian is our identity however; being republican is our country’s identity.
  • Freedom is worth if it makes people happy physically, mentally, socially, and psychologically.
  • As being youth we only believe in truth that we are force to change country’s fortune.
  • Don’t see the colors our national flag has, feel the meaning it reveals behind.

26 January Republic Day 2019 Patriotic Slogans In Marathi Kannada Telugu:

In our country their different religion peoples and in India peoples speaks their own traditional languages. Some use Hindi language to talk where as in some states peoples also use Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi, Punjabi language to talk with each others.
So those all peoples want Republic Day Short Slogans on their own language. So here is the best collection of this 70th Republic Day Nare In Marathi Kannada and many other language for all country peoples.
I Wish you all a very Happy Republic Day 2019 and hope you enjoy this day with your friends and schools classmates. Jai Hind, Jai Bharat.

26 January Republic Day 2019 Advance Images, Sms, Wishes, Messages, Shayari In Hindi English For Friends

26 January 70th Republic Day 2019 Advance Images, Sms:- Get the best collection of 26 January 2019 Images In Advance, Sms, Wishes In English, Messages In Hindi and Shayari In Marathi for all your friends. Hello guys wish you a very happy republic day. As we know that republic day is an India’s historic day. India’s constitution was layout in 1949, which came into affect in 1950. Annually 26th of January is celebrate as republic day of India.

On this day if you look top(sky) to bottom(earth) then you see a lots of unfurled national tiranga flag, which hoist in every educational centers, government buildings and various private buildings. It observe as most special moment of nation. Citizen of India is celebrate it in various style.

Since 1950 it start to celebrate, whether people don’t forget this historic day and remember that forever. Republic day is a national holiday, two more events of India which celebrate annually as national events such as 15th August(Independence day) & 2 October(Gandhi Jayanti). After 26th of January India become republic with democratic government structure.

Long year ago when India was ruled by British clutch, On that time Indians follow all strict rule of English people, because Indians dependence on British people, they were slaves of Britisher. Slavery of India was finished in 1947.

India is a country where peoples celebrate their traditional and national festival. Now it’s time to celebrate the National festival. So wish your friends in advance using Republic Day 2019 Advance Images and 26 January Advance Sms Wishes For your all Fb and whatsapp friends.

Get:- 26 January Speech and Republic Day Speech In English PDF

Republic Day 2019 Advance Images | Wishes In Hindi :

15-8-1947 is a date when India become independence, hereafter in just 2 year gape India’s constitution was ready for adoption. In India where independence day is celebrate as freedom achievement, the same republic day is celebrate as constitution achievement. So you all guys are looking for Republic Day Advance Wishes In Hindi and also Messages in English Marathi Tamil and many other languages.

Hope you like this collection of Republic Day 2019 Shayari In Hindi For Your all friends. 26th of January is a republic day of India, it celebrate annually in the month of January. Republic day is a national event, the official function of this event in organize in New Delhi, capital of India.

The whole ceremony of national holiday event is controlled by PM. Prime Minister of India play most effective role in republic day function, he give a motivational and knowledgeable speech for India citizen.

26 January 2019

26 January 2019

Republic Day Speech

Republic Day Speech

26 January Images HD

26 January Images HD

26 January Images

26 January Images

Republic Day 2019 Images HD

Republic Day 2019 Images HD

26 January 2019 Sms In Hindi & Republic Day Advance Messages :

Republic day is very honorable day, people give honor, tribute with great salute to national flag, India’s soldiers, mother land & great leaders. “Amar Jawan Jyoti” also take place in this ceremony, which ignite by PM.

Prime Minister of Indian began the ceremony by hoisting the national flag and ends republic day ceremony by their speech. Now share these 26 January Advance Sms with your friends and wish them in advance. Hope this collection of Republic Day Advance Messages will be helpful you all visitors.

The speech of PM is telecast in various channels like in television channels, radio channels etc. PM republic day speech holds the various beneficial point which is important to know, every people want to know about prime minister speech on every national event.

Little and middle class children celebrate it in their school, younger celebrate it in their colleges, institutes & universities, office going girl, boy, men, women enjoy it in their offices and old age people enjoy it by watching TV or listening Radio.

DESH bahkto ki balidaan se
SWATNATRA huye hai hum
koi puche kon ho to GRAV se kahenge
Bhartiya hai hum…

Watan ki sar bulandi me, humara naam shamil, Guzarte rehna hai humko sada ese mukamo se. Jai Hind.
Watan hamara misaal mohabbat ki,
Todta hai deewaar nafrat ki,
Meri khush naseebi mili zindagi is chaman mein.
Bhula na sake koi iski khushbu saton janam mein.

Happy Republic Day!

On this special day,
lets promise our motherland that
we will do everything
to enrich and preserve our heritage
our ethos and our treasure
happy republic day.



!=- -..@..-=-._;







Jay Hind


On this day think of ur past &
Try to built better future for all of us..
It is a duty of all of us!!
I am proud to be an Indian.
Happy Republic Day

26 January Republic Day 2019 Advance Images, Sms, Wishes, Messages, Shayari In Hindi English For Friends :

On this day when you look on TV channel logos then you see, the color of TV channels logos are totally changed with Tricolor(saffron, white & green). In every channel you look patriotic programs regarding republic day. Every celebrity enjoy republic day very much through programming shows.

Republic day is a significant event because on 26th of January 1950 the day was marked as gazetted holiday, In the official function of republic day India’s president invite some chief guest from another country which include in tradition.

It is an compulsory invitation which offered by PM of India to the various country leaders. Thanks to all of you and i wish you all Happy Republic Day 2019 in Advance. Like and share these all 26 January Sms, Wishes, Messages, Shayari with your social friends and celebrate this 70th Republic Day of India.

Happy Republic Day 2019 Patriotic Poems In English – 26 January Desh Bhakti Kavita In Hindi For Kids

Happy Republic Day 2019 Patriotic Poems : Students can get 26 January Desh Bhakti Kavita in Hindi and Republic Day Patriotic Poem in English Marathi Tamil Language for their school programs. Republic day such a honorable day which start to celebrate in 1950. 26-1-1950 was a day when India republic and constitution come into the force. It celebrate as national holiday. India such a great country where any kind of happy moment is celebrate as a festival and republic day(26/1/1950) was most happiest achievement, country constitution was adopted 26th of Jan 1950.

Republic day of India celebrate annually. We all pride that we are Indian and live in this independence & republic country. Where Independence day is celebrate for India freedom from British rule and regulation in tracks republic day is celebrate for own constitution achievement. After huge sacrifices and struggle Indian have been successes to make India independence and republic.

Every year the main celebration of national holiday is take place in new Delhi(capital of India). In 2017, India was celebrate 68th republic day, now we are going to celebrate 70th India’s republic day. Get ready for 70th celebration of republic day. In school programs kids participates on Republic Day Poem programs. So this 26 January Poem Lines will help you to win the competition.

Every official celebration of national holiday is celebrate in the presence of Prime Minister(PM). PM start the ceremony with Extraordinary/ inimitable programs stimulate the grace of national festivals such as Republic Day, Independence day & Gandhi Jayanti.

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Republic Day Patriotic Poem In English For Kids Students :

In Indian republic day is celebrate as grand function, Indians celebrate it in own way and style, they enjoy the freedom officially and unofficially. officially like in schools, institutions, coaching centers, tuition points, colleges, new Delhi official function, and various government buildings and unofficially like in picnic spots, movie hall, shopping mall, home, restaurants, society and some another places.

Enjoy upcoming republic day with us & get more and more 70th republic day latest stuff like republic day images, speech, quotes, thoughts(motivational, simple, multi-line, single line), poem, essay, slogans etc. Get the best Republic Day Patriotic Poems In English and Hindi language.

1950 was year when India republic. Since that the celebration of republic day has been organize in different places such as Ramalila & Irwin ground, Kingsway, Lal Kila etc. In nineteen fifty five firstly it was celebrate in Rajpath, New Delhi.

Hereafter in 1955 first time main function of republic day was going to celebrate in this place. Country PM hoist the national flag and give salute to national flag with gun fire. If you like this Republic Day Desh Bhakti Kavita Lines, then share with your social friends.

26 January Desh Bhakti Kavita In Hindi For Kids :

Republic day is celebrate every year on 26th of Jan. Its also called “Gantantra diwas” in Hindi. Its a national holiday but for few hours school staff with students are gathered and enjoy this festival in school. Students wear need and clean school dress, lady teachers wear sarees. All children and teachers attend in school before flag hoisting.

Get the latest 26 January Desh Bhakti Kavita In Hindi and i hope you all kids like this 26 January Poem Lines. 8 Am is an official time of national flag(Tiranga) hoisting, on every national festival( Republic day, independence day, Gandhi Jayanti).

One of the most celebrating occasion while it celebrate in all over the India but in educational environment it celebrate much. 15 or month before teachers and students prepare a lots of acts for republic day celebration. Share this 26 January 2019 Kavita with your all classmates.

सबसे प्यारा सबसे न्यारा

है जग में गणतंत्र हमारा ,

अपने निर्मित कानूनों से

हमने अपना भाग्य सँवारा।

संविधान देता है हमको

गौरव से जीने के अवसर,

सभी जनों में समरसता के

भाव यही भरता है सुन्दर।

सबको अपने विश्वासों के

पालन की आजादी देता,

राष्ट्र एकता का यह रक्षक

विश्व शांति का रहा प्रणेता।

लिखित विशाल रूप है इसका

प्रभुसत्ता का पूर्ण प्रदायक,

न्याय बन्धुता लोकतंत्र का

संविधान यह रहा विधायक।

बढ़े देश उन्नति के पथ पर

चाहे थे इसके निर्माता,

आजादी के संघर्षों की

आज हमें यह याद दिलाता।

सिखा रहा गणतंत्र दिवस यह

संविधान का ही अनुशासन,

देशभक्ति के जिससे हरदम

रहें भाव जनमन में पावन।


– सुरेश चन्द्र “सर्वहारा”


मत घबराओ, वीर जवानों -२

वह दिन भी आ जाएगा।

जब भारत का बच्चा बच्चा देशभक्त बन जाएगा।।

कोई वीर अभिमन्यु बनकर , चक्रव्यू को तोड़ेगा

कोई वीर भगत सिंह बनकर अंग्रेजो के सिर फोढेगा।।

धीर धरो तुम वीर जवानों , मत घबराओ वीर जवानों

वह दिन भी आ जायेगा जब भारत का बच्चा बच्चा देशभक्त बन जाएगा।।

कलकल करती गंगा यमुना , जिसके गुण ये गाती हैं

भारत की इस पुण्य धरा में, अपना गुंजार सुनती हैं।।

आज तिरंगे के रंगों को फीका नहीं होने देगे

इस तिरंगे की शान के लिए , अपना सर्वस्व लूटा देगे।।

अब मत घबराओ वीर शहीदों , मत घबराओ वीर जवानों

वह दिन भी आ जायेगा , जब भारत का बच्चा बच्चा देशभक्त बन जाएगा।।

वीर अमर शहीदों की कुर्बानी को, कोई भुला ना पाएगा

जब आत्याचार बढ़ेगा धरती पर, एक महापुरुष आ जायेगा


Republic Day 3D Images

How teachers prepare their students for Republic Day celebrations?

  1. First they call all the children’s in a hall/ class room.
  2. Then teachers announce more topics regarding republic day celebration.
  3. Topics like Speech on republic day, essay on republic day Poem, patriotic songs, Dance, Drama etc.
  4. Students who want to perform on any of these topics, register your name and start preparing for the best performance.
  5. 1 or 2 hour’s zero class is also organize, during the 6 hour class for republic day programs practice.
  6. Teachers support to all students regarding republic day preparation.
  7. On 25th of Jan students give the finally demo in the front of teachers.
  8. Here after teachers synchronize the program list for republic day function.

Republic Day Desh Bhakti Kavita | 26 January Patriotic Poems In Hindi

Republic Day ceremony done timely in proper manner. Military force of India also play most effective role in this function. Approx branches of Indian army give presence in every national festival and entertain to all public with their amazing acts. Through these acts they give tribute to motherland.

In this republic day main function a various acts is to be played by Indian army. Hope this article of Republic Day Desh Bhakti Kavita and 26 January Patriotic Poems will helpful you all.

Celebrate this national holiday with great way and share this Republic Day Poems In Hindi Post on social networking sites. Wish you all Happy republic Day 2019. Jai Hind, Jai Bharat.

Chief Guest Of Republic Day 2019 – 26 January 2019 Chief Guest Name List

Chief Guest Of Republic Day 2019 : Know about 26 January 2019 Chief Guest Name List and Republic Day 2019 Chief Guest of 70th Republic Day 2019 Programs. Then in this article we will give you complete list of India Republic Day Guest 2019. Every Indian celebrate their 3 national holiday and one of them is 26 January. This day is also known as Republic Day.

We celebrate this day because on this day in 1950 our Constitution was come into existence. India is a big country and in India many religion peoples are live. All religion peoples celebrate their own traditional festival with big celebration. But it’s now time to celebrate the Republic Day of India.

All national holiday are celebrated by all religion peoples and all Hindi, Muslim, Sikh and other religion peoples show their love for our country. All celebrate this day with their own way. Every year we invite our guest for celebrate our national holiday with country peoples. Check below the name list of Chief Guest of Republic Day 2019.

Our Prime Minister send invitation to the other country Political Leaders and invite them for celebrate our national holiday with us. In this year also the invitation send by Indian government to the other country leaders. In this article we will provide you full list of Republic Day 2019 Chief Guest Name List.

You can check here the list of 26 January Chief Guest and prepare your speech according the list. On this day many programs are organized in all over the India. Main celebration start with Flag Hosting and the biggest celebration of Republic Day is done in New Delhi. In this year we are going to celebrate our 70th Republic Day.

This day is celebrated in the presence of Our Prime Minister, Presidents and all big political leaders. Biggest celebration of Republic Day 2019 will take place at new Delhi, President residence. Where as the parade will be perform by our all three forces in Rajpath India Gate. Peoples book their tickets and get passes for watch the live Parade at New Delhi.

Our nine to 12 different regiment of Indian army participates on the Republic Day March Parade and celebrate this day with a entertaining way. All our Army Forces show their talent and take part in Parade. Guys this article is all about the 26 January Chief Guest Name List. Below is the table check the table and know the full details.

Check Here:- Republic Day Speech and Republic Day Speech In Hindi

Indian Republic Day 2019 Chief Guest Name List :

Indian constitution was adopted by the Indian Constitution assembly on 26 Nov 1949 and came into effect in 1950. On this day first time Indian peoples feel proud after the Independence Day, because on this day they get their Constitution for their Life. Indian Constitution is the best or top constitution in all over the world. India got freedom from British empire on 15 August 1947.

Every year we celebrate our Independence Day on 15 August. Guys first time draft constitution was prepared by the committee on 4 November 1947. After this 308 members of assembly signed the 2 hand written copies on 24 January 1950. Then after 2 days of 24 January, our constitution came into existence in whole nation.

Republic Day Parade is the main attraction of this event. The march parade start from the Rashtrapati Bhavan and then parade is happen at India Gate. All our Indian Army Force participates on the Republic Day Parade and salute all our freedom fighters for their sacrifice. Guys if you are searching information about the Republic Day 2019 Chief Guest and Guest Name List. Then you all are in right place.

  1. Guest Name:- Country 
  2. Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah:- Brunei
  3. Prime Minister Hun Sen:- Cambodia
  4. President Joko Widodo:- Indonesia
  5. Prime Minister Thongloun:- Sisoulith        
  6. Prime Minister Najib Razak:- Malaysia
  7. President Htin Kyaw:- Myanmar
  8. President Rodrigo Roa Duterte:- Philippines
  9. President Halimah Yacob:- Singapor          
  10. Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha:- Thailand         
  11. Prime Minister Nguyễn Xuân Phúc:- Vietnam      

 26 January 2019 Chief Guest List – India Republic Day Chief Guest :

Indian Freedom fighter sacrifice their life for free our country from British Clutch. We all remember our great leaders and pay tribute them for our freedom. On Every Republic day we celebrate our freedom and celebrate our democratic rights. India is a self governing country and our constitution have so many rules and regulation for all Indians.

All Indians can live their life in their own way. But all need to follow the Indian Government rules and regulation for every work. You can live a good life without doing any crime. Annually Indian Republic Day is celebrated with great joy and wonderful way. Indian Prime Minister unfurled national flag and start the Republic Day Program.

After the flag hosting and national anthem song all programs are start. Our Indian Army Soldier show their love for our country. Peoples want to know about the 26 January 2019 Chief Guest Name List. So here is the full list of Chief Guest of Republic Day 2019. Read and share this article with your friends.

Here is the list of last 5 years chief guest on our Republic Day.

  • Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan United Arab Emirates (2017)
  • President François Hollande France (2016)
  • President Barack Obama United States (2015)
  • Prime Minister Shinzo Abe Japan  (2014)
  • King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck Bhutan (2013)
26 January 2019

26 January 2019

Who is the Chief Guest Of Republic Day 2019 :

This day is also celebrated in Schools with great Joy. Students celebrate this day with their friends and classmates. They all participates on the Republic Day Programs and motivate their classmates and guest. Students participates on their Speech, Essay, Songs and poems programs and tell the story of Indian History, Indian Independence Day also about Indian Republic Day.

Our Prime Minister also motivate the country peoples with his motivational speech. On this day peoples encouraged to see the 26 January Celebration in Delhi. Peoples book their Parade Ticket and Passes For see the live programs. All country peoples also enjoy the programs on their Television. All Indian Citizen want to know about their Republic Day celebration and want to see the Parade program.

Many news channels broadcast the live show from the New Delhi on their channels. India become a republic country on 26 January at 10:18 Am. Now if you have same query like Who is the Chief Guest of Republic Day 2019, then this article is for you. Because here is complete list of Republic Day Chief Guest 2019.

  • President Sukarno was the first chief guest and he was invited on our first Republic Day celebration.

Chief Guest Of Republic Day 2019 – 26 January 2019 Chief Guest Name List :

Indian constitution is the longest written constitution in all over the world. Our constitution have 448 articles in 22 parts. Where as our constitution have 12 Schedules and 97 Amendments. Our constitution was written by the Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar. Our constitution is written in Hindi and English Language.

The chief guest on republic day celebration, 1961 was Queen Elizabeth from Britain. Now you all want 26 January Republic Day Chief Guest List 2019.

Then you all are in a right place, here we update this Chief Guest List Of Republic Day 2019 for all country peoples. Thanks to all of you, hope you read this full article and get some knowledge about our constitution. Share this 26 January Chief Guest List Article with your friends and tell them about this celebration. Jai Hind, Jai Bharat.

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