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[#हिन्दी Speech] 26 January Republic Day 2019 Speech In Hindi For Teachers Students

[#हिन्दी Speech] 26 January Republic Day 2019 Speech In Hindi:- School studentsteachers and kids wants 26 January Hindi Speech For their school programs. Get Republic Day Speech In Hindi (हिन्दी) for celebration of 70th Gantantra diwas. India after a struggle of over more than 150 years finally gained its  independence form the British on the 15th of August 1947,since then the Indian nation is known as a independent nation based upon the Democratic constitution but the Constitution of India was formed and came into effect after a certain period when India was declared as an Republic state or a country after the formation of the Constitution of India.

Although the independence was achieved but in order to function the nation as a democratic nation the  country must be considered to be a Republic state or country based upon the democratic constitution after the transition of India into a independent country. So the Republic Day on 26th January is of much more superior importance than any other date or day in the history of this great nation of India. In this article you will get Speech On Republic Day In Hindi.

Therefore similar to the national holiday that is observed in 15th August every year for the independence that was achieved certainly for the celebration and achievement of being a republic nation the entire country celebrates 25th January as the Republic day of India.

So the Republic day is one of the major event that took place in the history of Indian Democracy which has led the transition of India into a Republic nation with the Democratic Constitution that came into effect on the 26th January of 1950 two days after the members of the Assembly signed the document. Download Republic Day Speech In Hindi PDF For School Students and Teachers.

The Republic Day is celebrated on the 26th January every year in order to remember all those men who have made the reality of India being a republic day with the Constitution that was formed for the Nation as a whole. So get Republic Day Hindi Speech and share this 26 January Speech In Hindi with your friends and classmates.

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26 January Republic Day Speech In Hindi (हिन्दी) For School Students :

Schools students who want speech on republic day in Hindi they will get from this website. Republic Day is grandly celebrated in New Delhi where various Indian troops perform with the parades and honor the Nation ,the Constitution that holds the values of the country and most of all the respect and honor to the souls who had dreams  of a independent India and had the desire of making India great and formed the Constitution of India and put it into effect without any delay on the 26th Of January 1950.

Hope you like the given lines of Republic Day Speech In Hindi and English. Don’t forget to share this Speech For 26 January with your best friends and sister brother. Therefore India was known as a Republic nation when the country formed the Constitution of India and was implied throughout the nation as the fundamentals of the democratic nation.

However there were no any permanent or absolute law based on the Constitution of India to maintain the functioning of the government based upon the democratic nature,but rather certain laws were implied based upon the colonial Dominion applied by the British upon the country which were based on the colonial agenda. Share this 26 January Republic Day Speech In Hindi with you classmates and friends.

Republic Day Speech In Hindi

Republic Day Speech In Hindi

Happy Republic Day (26 January) Speech In Hindi For Teachers :

Hence the Indian Government set up a Drafting Committee for the formation of the Constitution of India. Dr.BD Ambedkar was appointed as the Chairman of the Drafting Committee who along with the 303 members of the Assembly took on the responsibility of forming the Constitution of the newly formed Republic India. This article is about Republic Day Speech In Hindi For Teachers, Principles and Kids. All class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 class students can use this speech lines for their school programs.

After a period of about 2 years and after numerous sessions the Assembly members finally came up with the complete text of the hand written document that was written both in Hindi and English and signed it on the 24th January 1950 the documents which after two days on the 26th January 1950 came into effect all over the country.

70th Republic Day Speech (Hindi) For Teachers | Gantantra Diwas हिन्दी Speech For Students :

Republic Day is also known as Gantantra Diwas in Hindi. Mainly all over the India, maximum country peoples speak or know our national language that is Hindi. So students, teachers and kids wants Republic Day Speech 2019 in their country language.
So in this article we uploaded Republic Day हिन्दी Speech images, download these images and prepare for the Gantantra Diwas Speech. You can check other articles on this site for more wonderful stuff related to the 70th Republic Day. I Wish you all a very Happy Republic Day 2019, Jai Hind, Jai Bharat.

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